Cut Down on Clutter Before You Move

Look into our professional estate cleanout services in Vernon, NY

Getting ready for a big move? You can save on moving costs by reducing the amount of stuff you have to move. We can help you get rid of unwanted items by planning an estate sale. The Hodgepodge Place provides estate cleanout services for properties in Vernon, NY.

You don't have to go through the stressful process of preparing and running an estate sale on your own. Whether you need to clean out your current home or the home of a loved one, we can help.

Trust our process

We'll help put some extra money in your pocket with a professionally organized estate sale. We will:

  • Remove items from your home
  • Go through those items with you
  • Help you decide what to do with each item
  • Run your estate sale
  • Donate items that cannot be sold
To learn more about our estate cleanout services, contact us today.